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Ask Kiss&Tell: The Scoop on Dry Brush Exfoliation

By Kellness ·
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exfoliating brush how to

Dear Kiss&Tell,

I recently heard about dry brush exfoliation. What exactly is this? What are the benefits and what type of brush should I use? Please help get me into the loop of things!

Signed, Confused and Brushless in Vancouver.

Did you know that at any given time your body contains about 2 lbs of dry skin? Whether you’re looking for health benefits or just want to have super smooth skin, dry brushing is a technique that’s been around for ages which helps eliminate dry skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft while improving circulation and decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

You want to start out with a skin brush with soft bristles, natural or nylon bristles are great. I just use one that I picked up from the Body Shop ( $12.00 at The Body Shop) ages ago, most skincare/bath stores should have one. The trick is to find one that fits comfortably in your hand, easy to grip and has soft bristles.

When you begin brushing, you want to make sure you do it on dry skin which will allow you to slough off more dead skin cells. Wet skin tends to plump up making it harder to remove.

You should start brushing in gentle circular motions begging at the extremities and moving your way up the body toward the heart. I start with my feet, move up my legs then onto my arms up to my shoulders then back to front of my body.  This helps increase blood flow and makes sure you don’t miss anywhere important. I tend to avoid the face and delcolletage as they can be quite sensitive.

Afterward I like to shower just to get all of the dead skin off and finish with a good moisturizer for extra smooth skin.

Dry brushing can help your skin look younger and glowier and is a great way to improve your skin inside and out.

If you have any questions or requests for things you want to see featured on Kiss&Tell feel free to comment or e-mail and you never know, your question might be featured too.

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posted by 4/29/10

i dry skin brush every.single.morning first thing after i wake up using one of those brushes with a detachable handle. the only difference is that i use long sweeping upward strokes insteat of circular ones in order to encourage my lymphatic system and it leave yours kin baby smooth & soft

posted by 4/29/10

I love dry brushing! Doing it daily helps when waxing time comes around, and I swear that it does improve circulation enough to cut down on cellulite. My husband gives me strange looks but I don't care because it works.

posted by 4/29/10

Never tried this before, but think I'll give it a shot. Think it might help those pesky back-of-the-upper arm bumps?

posted by Anonymous 4/29/10

@Munkeyhed: you could try Soap&Glory's Flake Away body scrub. It is awesome!

posted by 4/29/10

i had never heard of this! i'm sooo gonna try now.. thanks for the advice!

posted by 4/29/10

Is this good for sensitive skin? What about redness?

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