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Follicle Flaunting: Davines NouNou Nourishing Conditioner

By Kellness ·
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davines nounouI'm in love with a conditioner.

I'd been dying to try Davines conditioner since I scoped it out in a friends shower sometime earlier this year - yes I am that person who peeks in other peoples restrooms to see what secret products they use - and once I finally found it in a salon nearby while I was picking up a few staples I truly felt like I had found the golden treasure or magic grail. Needless to say I rushed home to try it out, like I do most products - it really is an addiction (do they have AA for beauty junkies?)

Anyway, Davines comes in a plastic container with a twist off lid. The product looks like, well.. hummus. I know, I'm terrible at explaining things some times, but if you've ever tried it does it not look like some bomb hummus? It says it has tomato extract in it. Cool. I'm down for washing with tomatoes in the name of great hair, who's with me?

Back to the conditioner. It smells like boy, which kind of lingers on your hair even after you shower. It's kind of a pine-y smell. It's not bad, but if you love hair smelling like roses, this isn't some Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific type deal. Not that I appose to smelling like boy - I'm known to carry a bottle of whatever boy I happen to be dating at the time's cologne and spritz it for nostalgia sake. I swear I am normal.

This conditioner is AMAZING. I've been in a bit of a conditioner rut as of late, even the heaviest of deep conditioning conditioners have still left my hair feeling strapped for moisture. My hair is fine but I have a lot of it, and it's really very long which in hair language pretty much means my hair is in a dreadlock tangle after about an hour from styling it.

Enter Davines. I got really excited to try it out in my shower, I opened the container and grabbed a huge dallop of the hummus looking stuff and slathered it on my locks. The writing on the bottle is in 10 different languages, most of which I don't understand so I spent a good while trying to find the instructions in English. Probably should have done that beforehand, but who reads directions?

The bottle (container really) says to leave on for 5-10 minutes for maximum nourishing. I don't actually calculate these things, do people have timers in their washrooms? Perhaps I should put that on my shopping list.

So I left it on while I scrubbed away and shaved my legs. It goes on really thick and creamy, and really sticks to the hair. Some conditioners I find are too runny or water based that they don't even coat my hair or really do anything exemplary. Not my lovely Davines. She (he?) stayed on my locks giving them maximum moisturizing benefit.

My first test of conditioner fabulousness is when I wash it out. If my hair feels tangly and I can't even run my fingers through it, I know it's not enough for my tangled tresses.

Davines left my hair feeling fabulously slick and totally passed the fingers test with flying colors.

The last test was to see how my hair felt once it was dried, and let me tell you it was DIVINE. We're talking so soft and silky, the kind of silky where you can't helo but keep running your fingers through your hair and you worry you might look like a total creep if people start staring.

Davines is a total must-have if you have dry/chemically processed hair in need of some major conditioning. As I write this I'm actually contemplating having another shower just so I can use it again. This is one I will definitely be hiding from my roommates. xo

$22.50 by Davines at drugstore.com

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